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Brighton Case Study

Finding the best solution in an era of change

Brighton Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal was experiencing a lot of growth and needed a solution that would work from both the field and the office. As a distributor and installer of HVAC and sheet metal, they have more than 30 employees in the field who need access to data on a consistent basis.

Brighton_Casestudy_Image.pngWith HVAC and many other products, you must track warranty by serialized component. Start & Grow for Distributors not only can assign the attributes of the warranty (length of term, what is included (parts, labor, etc.) but can also proactively notify you of expiring contracts so you can sell extended warranty. The serialized items also can automatically create "equipment cards" to track all service activities associated with an item

And you may also need to track service associated with an air conditioning unit. Start & Grow can assign technicians to a repair job and schedule them on a calendar. With knowledge base by inventory item, the technicians can search for known issue and fixes as well as have schematics and other documents associated with the particular item being serviced.

And for bigger projects, the project functionality will allow you to group all activities associated with a service contract into a profit and loss statement for that contract or for a group of jobs based upon a number of attributes.

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