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Trade Wars, Tariffs and the Flooring Industry

Published on September 21, 2018

Whether or not you agree with the current administration’s trade policy often depends upon your political affiliation, but also on how it affects your company or you as an individual. The latest round of tariffs announced by the Trump administration includes a myriad of flooring products including vinyl, wood (engineered and solid), bamboo, cork, carpet (tufted and woven) and ceramic tile (glazed and unglazed).

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Norsan perfects the recipe for growth with SAP Business One

Published on September 15, 2018
From opening its first Mexican restaurant in 1987, Norsan has become a diversified group distributing prime meat to 1,500 customers across 11 US states daily. As the business outgrew its existing software, it looked for an alternative to provide greater control and transparency. Now, with SAP Business One running every entity in the group, the business has streamlined processes, and deep insight for decision-making, which has driven 40% growth in the three years since implementation.

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Digital Transformation Trends in 2018

Published on August 31, 2018

The way we discuss digital transformation has evolved over the past few years. Magazines and tech blogs write article after article, and there is no doubt it has changed much of the business landscape. 2018 is already over half-way over and upon review, there are some clear trends in regard to digital transformation that can be seen. Daniel Newman, CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, compiled these trends in the following article, and will be predicting the trends we may see in 2019. While all of these trends are important to note, one thing is for certain: digital transformation is not just a buzzword anymore.

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Topics: Digital Disruption, digital trends, digital transformation

Old Industries that have Embraced Digital Disruption

Published on August 30, 2018

Change is inevitable. Even in what we once thought were some of the most stable industries, digital disruption is causing many companies to reevaluate their current business model and find ways to adapt to an ever-increasing digital market. The following article lists 3 companies who have truly embraced digital disruption and became wildly successful. With Honey revolutionizing the digital coupon marketplace, Ethos making insurance as easy as a few clicks, and Zola re-imagining a wedding registry online, these are excellent case studies to show how much of an impact digital transformation can make.

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Topics: Digital Disruption, digital transformation

Digital Transformation - Can You Automate It?

Published on August 21, 2018

Automated systems are a key cog in many modern business practices. Many automated systems are simply more efficient than past practices used to be. That begs the question: can we automate our digital transformation initiatives? Pieter Van Schalkwyk, CEO at XMPro believes it can be done. In this article he details two dimensions of digital transformation: using digitization to (1) improve the way the enterprise operates, and (2) improve how we create value. Van Schalkwyk believes that if you combine the two, and change the way your company creates value on an operational level, the effects can have a 10-fold return. Within this article he details a four-step process to how he generally advises how to automate and scale up digital transformation initiatives.

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Topics: Digital Disruption, digital transformation, automation

Digital Transformation: 4 Years In

Published on August 16, 2018

Jason Bloomberg, a leading IT industry analyst, has been covering the topic of digital transformation for four years at Forbes. Digital transformation was a rather new topic back in 2014, but in today’s business landscape, it has become an essential aspect of any business looking to position themselves for the future. Bloomberg writes about four core characteristics of any digital transformation: being customer-driven, requires end-to-end transformation across the organization, being more about organizational and cultural change rather than technological, and that it does not have an end state. In the article, he breaks down these core characteristics into more, but he does note that one thing is for certain: “the companies that will survive and thrive in the digital era are the ones that deal with change better and faster.”

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Digital Transformation is Taking the Meat Packing Industry by Storm

Published on August 13, 2018

Digital disruption has been a problem for many retail businesses and media outlets, but it is also becoming a driving force in the way meat packing companies such as Cargill and Tyson are transforming their business models. Cargill, up until now, has had more or less the same business model for the past 153 years, but in the wake of the digital disruption, they’ve had to shift away from it in favor of a more modern, streamlined model. Tyson has also undergone a digital transformation in the past few years, and analysts say that it signals a shift from being just a meat company, to a protein company. This article discusses how digital disruption is transforming the meat packing industry.

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Topics: Digital Disruption, digital transformation, meat industry

The Role of the Mobile App in Digital Transformation

Published on August 8, 2018

We’ve talked extensively about digital disruption and how to transform your business to meet changing consumer needs on the blog. But one facet of digital transformation that isn’t touched on quite so much is the mobile app. ‘There’s an app for that’ used to be Apple’s slogan in regards to the App Store, but in today’s business landscape, there really is an app for almost anything. According to Smaato, for every 8 minutes using a smartphone, the user is accessing an application for 7 of those minutes. Having a mobile app for your business not only makes you more accessible in today’s technological age and positions your company as one that is serious about competing in the ever advancing digital age. The following article breaks down the role that mobile apps play when it comes to digital transformation and what you can do to get ahead.

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Digital Transformation "Hacks"

Published on July 26, 2018

 Digital Transformation is more than just a growing trend, it has become essential for many organizations. In order to provide your customers with the best experience possible, it is imperative to get started on your digital transformation. While these may not be literal “hacks,” they are some very important tips to help you effectively transform your business to adapt to changes in consumer behavior, particularly when it comes to the digital space.

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Topics: Digital Disruption, digital transformation, tips and tricks

When it Comes to Digital Transformation, Security is Key

Published on July 24, 2018

 Security breaches make headlines. We all remember when Apple’s cloud got hacked and a ton of personal data was leaked, or when Sony’s database was hacked and millions of consumers’ financial information was compromised. It gives these big companies big headaches. When it comes to digital transformation, cybersecurity and cloud security can make you stand out among your competitors. No one wants their data at risk, and you don’t want to “hope for the best” as Fortinet’s Patrick Grillo says.

This article contains an excellent six-minute interview with Grillo where he discusses the basics of digital transformation, the lessons learned from companies such as Netflix and GE who’ve been through it, and how the model can be applied to other industries, such as your own.

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Topics: Digital Disruption, digital transformation, Cyber Security, Digital Security

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