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Don't Let ERP Systems Complexity Shatter Your Tile Implementation

Our on-demand webinar will show you a better way.                                  

Gary Feldman, President of I-Business Network, offers a new and smarter way to execute your tile implementation.

We know the challenges surrounding units of measure, conversions, lot tracking, inbound freight, multiple warehouses, etc. that affect your tile business. 

broken_tiles.jpgIn the old days, everything was installed at your site, on your equipment, and specific to your needs and you paid dearly for such a heavily customized approach.

But the internet and cloud have changed the way you can use technology in your tile business.

So why are you looking at new systems the old way?  

Key points we cover: 

  • How custom software installations cost more than most tile businesses can afford.
  • How today's technology can get you great fitting solutions at the right price.
  • How the unique needs of a tile business can be baked right into the package.

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