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About Us


About SAPDistribution.com

Achieve the goals that used to be mere dreams. 

SAPDistribution.com is a niche service designed for powering the growth of small to mid-sized distributors using tools formerly only available to the large enterprise.   Our Start & Grow service was designed to help you with industry best practices using SAP Business One software to power the journey. Our industry specific packages will streamline your business, keeping you on top of the day-to-day details and leaving you fully equipped to face the challenges of growth head-on. 

SAPDistribution.com was designed specifically for distribution businesses to solve the common and uncommon inventory and operational challenges. Its purpose is simply to give your business the controls and processes it needs, without the complexity that requires specialized knowledge to run them. 

  • With Start & Grow for Building Supply Distributors, the base distribution system has been further customized to support suppliers to the building trades who need to track goods by lot, cut to size, track remainders and much, much more.
  • With Start & Grow for Distrubtirs of Large Enterprises we have added specific packages to support landed cost, integration with parent company systems and other key features for an SAP ecosystem.

The SAPDistribution platform is developed, installed and supported by I-Business Network, a SAP Gold Partner with 18 years of SAP Business One experience. In fact, we are the only SAP partner in North America certified to sell, install and host SAP Business One. 



Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a top priority for many, but are you ready? How do you get started? 


An expert is not a person with a laptop from a consulting firm.  Many consultants are just better trained bookkeepers, or kids with a fancy degree.  Our consultants have years of corporate, CPA and implementation experience in our applications and with management consulting firms. This “big company” experience helps you by ensuring that industry best practices are adapted to the needs of growing companies where your staff frequently wears more than “one hat”.

We have also achieved recognition by SAP for our expertise which must be re-validated on an annual basis.




You benefit from our established partnerships with software vendors like Citrix, Microsoft, and SAP. We can bring the cloud to you at a lower upfront cost and provide you comprehensive business solutions that meet your needs at a predictable ongoing cost.

Contact us today to learn more. You'll come to recognize the call as one of the wisest decisions you’ve made in growing your business.







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