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Biz.One 2018 Recap

Posted by Gary Feldman on November 9, 2018

The annual SAP User Group meeting was held in Orlando on October 22-24. The conference was filled with great content, networking and learning. This was the second year the user conference was run by Eventful Conferences, a professional event planning group owned by ASUG, and the results showed.




As usual the event had a variety of keynotes, from SAP executives, motivational speakers, customers and industry experts.

This event highlighted the integration of latest technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and cloud technology. One keynote demonstrated new facial recognition technology integrated with SAP Business One. SAP has special contracts with both Google And Amazon for assistant (Alexa and Home) integrations. Current thought is that the technology is still not mature because of the structure required in the questioning of the application and the security and privacy concerns with access to data. The reality has proven that the use cases are more complex that initially thought. So SAP’s current position is to expose the objects via API and make sure partners and developers are able to use these new technologies as business use cases are identified.





One of the biggest benefits from the event is networking with partners and customers. I personally use the event to interact with other partners and learn their experiences with the newest features in SAP Business One. Networking happens in the halls, over meals and during interactive workshops. During the developer roundtable we were able to ask questions of SAP experts, leading solution developers from TigerSheep and from a customer with with extensive customization experience.



SAP Executives



We are always grateful for the opportunity to ask the head of the Business One development team direct questions about features and functions. But even more importantly, SAP listens during interactive sessions where they look for feedback directly from customers and partners.

During the session Andreas Wolfinger also demonstrated new financial reporting technology with drill down to detail and transaction records using Crystal reports and learned of future intention to integration Business One more directly with Office 365.


Exhibitors and Sponsors



I-Business Network has been a sponsor of the event since its inception. The exhibit hall is a great place to meet people and learn of the latest products and services available for enhancing your implementation. One of our measuring sticks for sponsors and their products is their consistency and longevity at events like Biz.One and the SAP Innovation Summit. Attendance and sponsorship are evidence of investment and focus on the product.

This year I-BN showcased the features of our new Cloud 3.0 designed specifically for SAP Business One and the new HANA in-memory computing platform. Our custom and hybrid clouds include Office 365 integration, PCI compliant credit card processing, FileCloud anywhere data and much more.


If you missed the show, contact Bob Tobey (btobey@i-bn.net) at 678-627-0646 x231 to learn more!




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