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Digital Disruption: Impact and Action for Small to Mid-sized Business

Posted by Gary Feldman on February 9, 2018

When people think of digital disruption Uber is the most often quoted example of how a startup is changing an industry. Amazon and Uber are that superstar athlete like Michael Jordan who is immediately recognizable. The majority of high school athletes will not play in college and an even smaller percentage will become a professional. Almost none will achieve superstardom. That does not mean there is not value from joining the team, learning about working together and participating in a smaller way.


Digital Disruption can be defined many ways, but really digital disruption is a misnomer. Digital Transformation being driven by changes in consumer mindset and behavior. Today’s buyer, in both consumer and business, have become accustomed to technology in their daily life and expect to use technology in decision making, procurement and execution of tasks. Most people reading this article have no illusion or anticipation that their company will be the next Amazon. However; as a manager or owner of a business we can all learn from the experiences of the venture capital backed startups that change the world, as well as some of the I-Business Network customers who have built successful businesses leveraging technology to meet customer needs.


Digital transformation is not about technology. While it may seem counter-intuitive, digital transformation shouldn't be pinned to a particular technology. "Technology is changing at such a fast pace that if an organization implements a technology and calls itself digital, it’s missing the point," University of Pennsylvania Wharton professor Tyler Wry says. "You need to actually develop the capabilities to guide the organization through not just one change, but ongoing changes over time, as technologies change. “


Transforming your company into a digital disruptor is an iterative process that includes both the cultural aspects and the technological aspects as well as lessons from the Large Enterprise world are very applicable to the SMB market. Back in the 90‘s when I was teaching business process re-engineering we knew that it took the three legged stool of People – Process and Technology, and the same is true in today’s faster moving environment. 


Digital Disruption Impact and Action.png



SAP has identified 5 trends which are changing the world of distribution which you can take advantage of!

Hyper-connectivity - The rapid growth of interconnectedness between people, objects, and technology

Smarter World – Driven by machine learning, artificial intelligence, bots, etc.

Super Computing - In memory computing enables managers to make informed decision based upon real time information, identifying them and solving them before they become a problem

Cloud Computing- the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer

Cyber Security – The crime of the 21st century and preventing it has become the job of every employee and not just IT.


These trends all play together and are being addressed by I-BN and our software partners and their product for the Small to Mid-Sized Market. We have witnessed and driven technology previously only available to the largest of enterprises now available for our customers at a fraction of the historical costs. The investment in the products, technology, features and functions have an ever increasing focus on all five of these trends.


Join me on February 28th at either 9:00 AM EST or 12:00 PM EST for insights gleaned:

• over the past 18 years at I-BN making powerful business technology simple, available and affordable for companies from digital startups to divisions of the Fortune 500

• combined with research from leading consultancies, think tanks and software companies

• and the practical experiences of our customers.


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