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From Ghana to Georgia

Posted by Simon Kwapong on April 5, 2018


Simon Kwapong
I grew up in Accra New Town, a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. While attending high school in Ghana, I would sometimes run into American tourists and became fascinated with the culture and promise of opportunity. I developed a desire to pursue a career in America and moved to Georgia to attend Southern Polytechnic State University. Originally, I set out to earn a degree in business administration. However, after several discussions with a close friend in the IT industry, I began to study computer engineering and finished school with a degree in computer science.

After receiving my degree, I also decided to gain my CCNA certification and began working on Cisco environments. As I grew in these experiences, I found my way to I-BN where I now serve as our Network/Cloud Engineer. I work on maintaining secure backups and securing our AVG environment.

As we begin our new move to the NEC data center, I will be playing a key role in implementation. I’m helping to make sure that all systems are properly set up for migration. We are working to build a secured, efficient and scalable network environment to suit our customer needs. Having NEC data center built is the next step to a successful story at I-BN. Can’t wait to be a part of this story.

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