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How to Prevent Errors in Financial Postings

Posted by Gary Feldman on June 28, 2019

The Chart of Accounts and related financial postings and reports are the heart of any ERP system.  As accountants know and love, debits must equal credits.  Accountants love order and control.  As a former CPA I know, it is in our nature!  So how do you make certain the debits and credits are posted to the right account and that you can reconcile all your accounts with ease?

Block Manual Positng is the key!

COAIn SAP Business One (B1), we have this great feature which blocks posting of journal entries to pretty much any account you want.  Take for example, customer deposits.  B1 will automatically post incoming down payments on an order to a specified general ledger account.  When you bill the customer for the goods or services, the deposit is reduced, and your accounts remain in balance.   The accountant’s dream; an account that automatically reconciles.

Now imagine a junior accounting clerk thinks that they are reconciling the account and makes some journal entries.  Your automated posting comes through and your account no longer zero’s out the way it should.  Frustration ensues, and time is wasted.

This feature can be used for prepaid accounts with recurring transactions which clear them.  Be aware posting templates and recurring journal entries will also be blocked.  Rest assured you can uncheck this box at any time and make your manual adjustment, but with this great tool you can be certain that your “controlled” accounts will not have erroneous postings.

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