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Innovation for Small to Mid-Sized Distributors

Posted by SAPDistribution Team on June 20, 2019

Light bulb with gearsSAP has been a leader in distribution management software, and they have maintained their leadership by staying ahead of trends to meet customer needs.  The 2019 SAP SMB Innovation Summit held in Orlando June 18-20 was focused on how SAP customers are already using big data, coupled with artificial intelligence to create the Intelligent Enterprise.  

What does that jargon mean to a distributor and why should you care? 

What is the Intelligent Enterprise?

With the help of SAP and leading partner organizations, it means that the technology that we often associated with Amazon or Home Depot are already available to our customers for practical application.   SAP has and continues to make the investment in the technologies and specific customer projects to make the intelligent enterprise possible for SAP Business One customers.

Some examples highlighted at the conference included:

  • Image recognition to match product images to the Business One inventory system
  • Embedding sensors in machines that feed information in real time to SAP Business One for data capture and analytics.
  • Voice controlled warehouse management systems that speak to the warehouse personnel and records inventory transactions as they talk to the system.

These innovations are available today, but SAP is always looking forward with both short term and long-term solutions.  In the short term, SAP continues to update its platforms and systems for ease of use and lower total cost of operations.  In the mid-term, SAP is incorporating new technologies to rewrite and revolutionize the user experience with a clear focus on long term transition to Quantum Computing with Block Chain and the future internet platform.

Why should you care?

  • What if a voice driven system can double speed the picking in your warehouse?
  • What if your counts were more accurate so you had a higher fill rate?
  • What if your suppliers knew when you were anticipating running short so they could make certain you never lost orders because of stock outs?

Your business is likely becoming more and more dependent upon technology solutions.  The new connected world means that your "accounting" software has become the central repository of data for managing your business.  When it comes to business management software, you don't want to switch systems every few years.  To be successful you need a platform that:

  • Changes and adapts with your business as you grow.  
  • Integrate with e-commerce websites, customer portals, vendor systems, etc.
  • Supply the information on any device any where
  • In real time for faster decisions and more accurate information.

More importantly you need partners who have a proven to keep up with change over time.  SAPDistribution.com packages the technology created by SAP for small to mid-sized distributors to make them easy to use to meet your unique challenges.  For more information on how we can make your business an intelligent enterprise, contact info@sapdistribution.com or call your SAP Distribution specialist at 678-401-6244.



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