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Is SAP as Easy to Use as QuickBooks?

Posted by SAPDistribution Team on June 7, 2019

Keyboard key EasyWe are often asked if SAP Business One will be as easy to use as QuickBooks, but the question is not as simple as it may seem.   QuickBooks is a simpler system and built for small businesses that may not have a true accountant, or a logistics manager for their inventory.  So if you base the question on simplicity, the answer would be absolutely not. 

However, for companies that are exporting data to Excel, managing information in multiple systems, experiencing downtime due to database size or the multitude of reasons companies outgrow QuickBooks, it is much easier to use an integrated ERP system!

When upgrading systems from basic to sophisticated there will be trade offs.  In order to track inventory with more precision, it takes more planning and effort!  In SAP you have options such as:

  • Multi-Bin capabilities refer to tracking where inventory is stored in multiple places in your warehouse. To know where goods are, you need to record where you put the goods away, and then when you pick them, you must tell the system where you got them.
  • Batch/Lot Tracking of goods is great to keep dye lots consistent on orders, or to know if you can fulfil an order from a single lot.  To accomplish this you must pick, pack and put away by dye lot!
  • Unit of Measure Conversion where you can receive boxes of inventory in metric units and sell in square feet or yards requires setup and configuration.   But it also saves having to break out a calculator when a customer calls.

Some of these features clearly take more effort, but increase customer satisfaction and saves time when filling orders, while others just take initial setup time to save tons of work down the road.

Top 8 Signs-1QuickBooks is an easy and awesome system for simple businesses, and its usefull life often gets extended with third party add-ons and external integrations, but at some point your business may outgrow its capabilities or benefit from a more advanced system.   If you are not certain whether your business has reached that point, take our self assessment on our Outgrowing QuickBooks page or contact Jan Lawrence at jlawrence@i-bn.net or call 678-401-6244

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