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Plan to Grow in 2016

Posted by Admin on August 11, 2016

 Plan to Grow in 2016

Although we always want to grow our business, as the economy improves business owners now have some flexibility to invest the cash that has been saved as a result of the cost cutting during the economic downturn. Often business owners turn to an advisor like their CPA, B2B CFO or the Small Business Administration (SBA).

The SBA has an article entitled Ideas for Growing Your Business that provides great guidance. These ideas include:

  • Open another location and Expand to the Internet.  – Whereas they include these as two separate ideas as a physical location and an online presence, more often than not we see distributors enhancing their online presence with a store. We have helped customers create both stores branded with the same brick and mortar identity or as a new online business.  There are pro’s and con’s to either approach depending upon your market and corporate culture.

  • Form alliances, franchise or license your business or product respectively – The cloud is a great platform to extend your business and products through third parties. Our customers have sold “Franchises” for geographical areas to sell the products through an online store as well as developed white label versions of their products to open new markets through alliances. 

  • Expand globally, diversify or target other markets – Although riskier than the above approaches, adding complimentary products or services is often a wise approach.  Sometimes it is even a requirement from your customers. For example, in our business has grown we have added a variety of complimentary cloud products because customers expect to be able to run their entire business desktop in the cloud and not just their business management software.  

Brighton HVAC Case Study Start&Grow

Any growth plan should be supported by your internal systems. The last thing you want to do is grow yourself out of business through disorganization! SAP Business One provides a platform that supports all of these approaches.

  • The 2SimpliConnect platform successfully integrates Business One with Magento, Shopify and other leading eCommerce platforms.

  • With advanced capabilities for multiple warehouses, advanced financial postings by location, department, division, product line or almost any category you can think of SAP can give you the insight into how your expansion plan is working.

  • As a truly global product SAP also supports geographic diversity with muti-currency, multi-lingual and intercompany transaction processing.

So as you look at ways to grow your business, know that SAP and I-BN can bring you Powerful Business Technology Made Simple!

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