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How SMEs are Preparing for the New Economy

Posted by SAPDistribution Team on October 15, 2020
SAP commissioned a research study from Oxford Economics on the priorities, challenges, and digital maturity of 2,000 small and midsize companies across 19 countries.  According to the research, transforming operations around new technologies and human experiences will be critical to resilience and growth. 
The results of the research are very much in alignment with our 5 Tips for Thriving in the New Normal.  Specifically the long-term success of SME business will depend on four areas:
  1. Customer experience
  2. Employee experience
  3. Data collection and analysis
  4. Digital transformation


To get more information about this study visit our Thriving in the New Normal Landing Page or contact one of our distribution experts at 678-401-6244.

Topics: SAP Business One, Small Business Growth, Digital Disruption

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