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Prime Meats Carves Their Own Path

Posted by SAPDistribution Team on July 13, 2020

Prime Meats is a family-owned meat packaging and distribution company managing a product line with varying units of measurement, and freshness deadlines. Prime Meats enlisted I-Business Network to deploy SAP Business One and leverage insights to help them deliver on their promises.

It was 6 years ago when Prime Meats determined its homegrown software needed replacement with a modern, out of the box, yet flexible solution to meet the needs of their fast growing business.   When we partnered with Prime Meats we knew that they had a very strong team that could quickly learn the software and take ownership of their on-premise implementation.  With our knowledge transfer strategy, Prime Meats was able to complete the initial implementation at less than 70% of budgeted consulting fees.

“In just two weeks, we were able to build a tool within SAP Business One that helped us allocate our 1,200-product portfolio within our customer base of 1,300. That is a record-speed turnaround.”
Daniel Arcila, Strategy Director, Prime Meats (Norsan)


Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Different units of measurement across the product line were a challenge most niche ERP systems couldn’t undertake
  • In a complicated industry where change is fast-paced, most of the available software is limiting
  • Most systems in the competitor landscape are black-boxed and hard to modify

Why SAP and I-Business Network?

  • Transparency and ease while tracing back transactions and all accounting operations
  • Business insights enhanced all types of decision-making
  • I-Business Network had the business and industry know-how to deploy the system successfully and quickly

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Traceability and transparency in every single area of the business, allowing for optimized workflows
  • Analyze cash flow in real-time as well as evaluate all accounts to identify areas of opportunity
  • Fully customized system with tailored modules that can handle all units of measurement and more custom metrics Prime Meats tracks 
  • Scalable system that allows for modification in key areas without disrupting the business
  • Ability to pivot to different markets and distribution routes in times of uncertainty

The benefits continue to accrue.  Prime Meats has grown 20% year over year for the past six years.  The business relationship between Prime Meats and I-BN continue as we provide them with timely assistance as they maintain and upgrade their system. 

To find out more about how you can upgrade your systems with  SAPDistribution.com and the powerful tools in SAP Business One, contact one of our distribution experts at 678-401-6244 or fill out a Contact Us form.

Topics: SAP Business One, Distribution Software, Small Business Growth

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