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Profit Through Barcoding

Posted by SAPDistribution Team on September 13, 2019



Barcoding saves time and eliminates errors.  But one item may come with multiple bar codes based upon a unit of measure:

  • Bar code per each
  • Bar code per box
  • Bar code per carton or pallet

In SAP Distribution powered by SAP Business One, you can support all of these easily as shown above.   But we also support many additional barcoding scenarios:

  • Bar codes for lot or serial number
  • Bar codes for bin locations
  • Bar codes for users

You can also have multiple bar codes for the same item!   This often comes in handy when you have multiple suppliers for the same exact item who have different manufacturers bar codes.

Because bar codes are represented by fonts, they can be printed on any document.  A simple wedge scanner works as an input device and you are off and running down a path of increased efficiency.   For more advanced functionality or mobile scanning, we have tools that work directly with the SAP database so all your scanning is real time.

Functions where barcodes are often used include:

  • Receiving goods into the warehouse
  • Picking and packing of goods into boxes
  • Stock transfers between warehouses or bins
  • Scanning products into a kit or production order as well as receiving goods from assembly or build

The benefits from bar code scanning include:

  • Reduction in effort and time for picking (increase productivity)
  • Elimination lost paperwork
  • Reduction of data entry errors
  • Reduce shipping errors
  • Increase inventory accuracy

All of this can lead to greater customer satisfaction, lower inventory carrying costs and reduced inventory obsolescence. 

To find out how you can achieve these benefits contact us or call 678-401-6244.

Topics: Warehouse Management, SAP Business One Tips and Tricks

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