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SAP for SMB at Sapphire

Posted by Gary Feldman on May 14, 2019

SAP Sapphire is the annual end user extravaganza featuring SAP products, the America's SAP User Group (ASUG) and partner products for customer organizations looking to maximize their investments in SAP.  SAP also holds a one day Global Partner Summit in advance of the meeting to preview content and explain their strategy to its ecosystem.   

sap2019The 2019 event held in Orlando from May 6-9 did not dissapoint from beginning to end.  Other than the sheer size of the event, SAP impresses with its thought leadership and focus on application of technology to meet customer needs.  The focus at SAP is laser focused on solving customer problems with the realization that technology is merely a tool.  Although SAP Business One is a small tool in the SAP portfolio, the experience and knowledge of the large enterprise is leveraged to create value for SAP Distribution Customers. 

2019 technology buzz surrounds the "intelligent enterprise" and "customer experience."  SAP knows these topics are not new and hot, but acknowledged that the Intelligent Enterprise was first introduced in 1992 and the Experience Economy in 1998!  The difference with SAP is that they have incorporated these concepts into the design of their products and customers can now quickly implement these concepts which are embedded in SAP Distribution!  

SAP defines the Intelligent Enterprise is a strategy that allows you to rapidly transform data into insight – feeding process automation, innovation, and optimal experiences.   Extreme Apps in SAP Business One includes the Customer 360 dashboard, realtime graphical MRP, and other tools that suggest future action rather than just using accounting to count historical numbers.

B. Joseph Pine and James H Gilmore described the concept experience economy as the next "revolution" after the service economy.  The theory is that businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers, and that memory itself becomes the product: the "experience".   To execute in this era, you must first understand how the customer experiences your product and create the most pleasurable interaction as possible.   A fully integrated ERP is central to creating positive experiences by ensuring that all employees know the same truths regarding the customer, and the experience is consistent regardless of how the communication is performed.   Simple examples include:

  • The price on the website is the same as calling a customer service representative! 
  • Interactions are captured and stored so the customer doesn't have to repeat themselves!
  • When the system says items are in stock, they are.

With SAP Business One's open architecture, built in CRM and service modules and web services, tailoring the system to meet your customer expectations has never been easier.

To learn more about what we have learned from SAP, contact us at 678-401-6244, or email us at info@sapdistribution.com.

Topics: SAP Business One Cloud, Cloud Computing, SAP Business One 9.3, Technology Trends

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