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Sending Documents via e-Mail in SAP Business One

Posted by Gary Feldman on October 9, 2019

In SAP Business One, you can define different messages to be sent as internal messages, e-mails and faxes. The messages can be sent to the system users as well as to defined business partners. You can also send messages to any other recipients. You can either send messages to individual recipients or use the distribution list to send messages to groups of recipients.

You can also utilize alerts to send messages to selected users each time a specific event occurs. You can predefine such messages. In addition, if you have defined a release procedure for entering purchasing and sales documents, the workflow for an approval process also utilizes these messages. These workflows can be associated to distribution groups or roles assigned to contacts. All this functionality can improve the efficiency of your customer service, collections and purchasing departments.

In SAP Business One, you can share one generic e-mail signature for all companies, or you can define a unique signature for a company or for each user.


In the E-Mail Settings window, you can specify the Signature To Be Used

  • Common E-Mail Signature for all the companies in your organization.
  • Company E-Mail Signature for the specific company you are currently logged on to.
  • Individual E-Mail Signatures for the specific user

An e-mail signature having up to 32,768 characters and spaces including any HTML tags for formatting the text, except <HTML> and <BODY>.

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