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State of the SAP Business One User Community

Posted by SAPDistribution Team on May 30, 2019

shutterstock_132693290Every year the America's SAP User Group (ASUG) surveys users of SAP Business One to learn how the community uses the software, where they get their information and how they are looking to improve their business.   The 2019 State of the Business One Community report recently came out with its key findings. 

  • Key trends include managing the transition to a digital business, making the most out of existing technology and assessing the move to the cloud.
  • Users most frequently look for help through online searches followed by their SAP Partner.  Typically looking for ways to optimize their current product, followed by exploring new technology products or for help implementing newly purchased solutions.
  • Major pressures being felt by this diverse cross industry community include the need to streamline or automate processes, gaining better insight into the business, while implementing stronger security with less pain.

Industry buzz about going digital is being felt by SAP B1 customers as pressure to eliminate paper-based processes or automating manual tasks.  The survey found only 43% of these businesses have made significant progress in making their business digital, in part due to resistance from their customers.

The resistance is not slowing progress in cloud migration with 92% of ASUG members using the cloud in some way.   This is led by cloud data storage and adoption of HANA as a cloud database.   This years survey found only 21% of the respondents report using HANA and the benefits of in-memory computing for analytics, reporting and the embedded "Extreme Apps" only available in this technology.

We find it interesting that the critical drivers for satisfaction are very much driven by factors that are easily achieved by moving the core application to the cloud. 

  • Queries, reporting and business intelligence are all enhanced in the HANA platform which is typically more affordable, reliable and scalable in the cloud.
  • With 36% of respondants rating data security the most important part of mainitining their information, cloud service providers offer much higher security standards than typical on-premise deployments.
  • 43% also indicated the need for improvement in performance to enhance information flow.   We benchmarketd I-BN Cloud 3.0 vs. other HANA clouds for SAP B1 at Amazon, other providers and our prior architecture and the perfomance enhancement was extermely obvious.  Originally architected for large enterprise S/4 for HANA, the new environment is designed for performance and optimized for SAP B1 and security.
For more information on the State of the SAP Business One Community report follow the hyperlinks to the Biz.One event webpage or contact one of our representatives at 678-401-6244 or info@sapdistribution.com.

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