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Technology Trends in the Small to Mid-Sized Business Market for 2020

Posted by Gary Feldman on March 9, 2020

In my role as leader of a Cloud ERP provider, I have the luxury and pleasure of research and learning from industry analysts such as Gartner, SMB Group and IDC along with leading publishers like Microsoft, SAP, Sage and Citrix. I listen to these companies and temper them with the experience of hundreds of customers to form opinions on products and services that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our clients.


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Although technology changes seem rapid, their adoption tends to be slower than what pundits predict.  Back when we started in the cloud in 1999, predictions were that on-premise applications would be history in by 2010 and yet they still survive.  In reality there is no true cloud as we are always on premise, as are our bar code scanners, cash registers, freight scales and machinery.

A recent post in Entrepreneur Magazine on 7 Tech Trends to Watch for in 2020 actually talks about the demise of technologies such as alternate crypto-currencies and the decline of custom APPs.  Two positive trends we see in our practice mentioned in the article are mobile commerce and prescriptive analytics. 

  • Mobile Commerce like cloud technology is not monolithic.  For many smaller businesses this has taken the shape of web stores which use responsive technology integrated with the back office ERP.
  • Prescriptive Analytics is a fancy way of describing the use of data to help make decisions.  This can come in the form of "Material Requirements Planning" using smart forecasts or other forms of trending and statistical analysis of data for forward looking reports.   

The great news is that these technologies come in packages or as part of the standard functionality in SAP Business One.  For example:

  • The Intelligent Forecast uses advanced regression analysis to predict sales and required inventory requirements using historical data, but also allows for inclusion of adjustments
  • The SAP B1 Integration hub and our 2SimpliConnect package integrates Business One with Shopify.  The package provides seamless access to back office information online with responsive web pages.
  • We recently partnered with Netstock for predictive inventory planning with automation for purchase order or inventory optimization 

This is just a small sample of the advantages of moving to a modern business management system.  I-BN has developed a six point analyzer to help companies evaluate whether they can increase efficiency with a next level system.


For more information on the our Start Package for companies outgrowing QuickBooks or to learn more about what SAPDistribution at our website or contact our team at 678-401-6244.

For more information our I-BN cloud or industry solutions from our partner eco-system, visit our website or call a solution expert at 678-627-0646 x230.

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