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Time for Biz.ONE the Annual SAP Business One User Conference

Posted by Gary Feldman on October 11, 2019

If SAP Business One is part of what makes your business run, you need to visit Biz.ONE, the largest gathering of SAP Business One customers and partners in North America. Run by the America's SAP User Group (ASUG), Biz.ONE is a conference run for the customer by their advocates. Annually attended by over 200 customer organizations, the conference unites companies in distribution, manufacturing, retail, life sciences, consumer products and more!


Sponsored by SAP and companies like I-Business Network, Biz.ONE is full of customer presentations but also includes leadership from the SAP Business One organization presenting on the roadmap and holding customer feedback sessions so they can better respond to the voice of the customer. This SAP year's sessions include:

  • Keynotes by SVP of Product Development Rainer Zinlow and Global VP for SAP Business One Finn Baker
  • SAP Roadmap and educational sessions by Idit Saguey, Moty Moshin and Darek Nitton
  • Listening Sessions with Ari Schapira the Chief Product Owner for SAP Business One as well as Andreas Wolfinger, VP SAP Business One and Head of Product Solution Management

Customer led sessions range from lessons learned to the extremely technical solutions engineered including:

  • SAP Business One Tips and Tricks by Christina Ramirez of Gaumard Scientific
  • Make a Splash and Jump Righ Into MRP with Dustin Jeffers of Saltwater Brewry
  • Advanced SQL Queries: Business Intelligence from Your Intelligence with Daniel Phelps of HTRI.

Combine that with some good old networking time and an Exhibit Hall filled with leading solution providers that help you get the most out of your ERP investment, and you can see why Biz.ONE is a good use of your time.

For more information contact Bob Tobey at 678-627-0646 x231 or visit the Biz.ONE website. Better yet, to register click on the link!

Topics: SAP Business One Cloud, SAP Business One Tips and Tricks

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