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Understanding Digital Transformation

Published on June 28, 2018

 With every mention about ‘digital transformation,' the term becomes more and more like business jargon. Salesforce recently conducted a survey of 562 full-time employees, and in the survey 69% of people said they would not be confident explaining the concept of digital transformation to another person. What people don’t realize is how digital transformation can make life easier not only for businesses, but for their customers too. In this article Tony Colon discusses a few of the aspects that makes digital transformation so vital to the world of business today, from security to accessibility.

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5 Key Trends that Impact Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Published on February 15, 2018

Are you taking advantage of technology in the digital age to grow your company?

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Topics: Digital Disruption, SMB ERP Software, Webinar, digital trends

Digital Disruption: Impact and Action for Small to Mid-sized Business

Published on February 9, 2018

When people think of digital disruption Uber is the most often quoted example of how a startup is changing an industry. Amazon and Uber are that superstar athlete like Michael Jordan who is immediately recognizable. The majority of high school athletes will not play in college and an even smaller percentage will become a professional. Almost none will achieve superstardom. That does not mean there is not value from joining the team, learning about working together and participating in a smaller way.

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Topics: SAP Business One, SAP Business One Cloud, Digital Disruption, SMB ERP Software, Webinar

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