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Inventory Planning

Simple & Powerful Item Management and Tracking


Inventory is a key asset that demands constant attention to maximize your profit. It is critical to have sufficient stock levels to meet customer demand, but also critical to not overstock and tie up your money in idle stock. SAP Business One’s Inventory management functions help you keep on top of this important business asset. 

Knowing your stock quantities, bin locations, and prices creates a better customer experience and improves your sales personnel’s ability to provide quotes and place orders with accuracy. Improved material planning and inventory control results in less waste, better capital management, and storage optimization. Warehouse and inventory reporting is in real time with SAP Business One to help you quickly make the best possible business decisions.Warehouse_2

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Simple & Powerful Item Management and Tracking

  • Flexible Item code structure with multiple descriptions and supplier catalogues
  • Profit and Loss reports defined by product lines
  • Streamline inventory counting with user defined cycles
  • Transfer inventory between multiple warehouses
  • Assign and track inventory lots with expiration dates
  • Track serial numbers for inventory items with an automatic creation of warranty records for tracking and verification
  • Improve business insight with powerful warehouse and inventory reporting tools  

Increase Efficiency

  • Associate vendor part numbers with a vendor to eliminate purchase order errors 
  • Manage stock using various costing models (including average cost, FIFO) across the business or by warehouse or location
  • Multiple units of measure and unit conversions are supported
  • Define optimal order size based on minimum order quantities and average order lead time
  • Gain efficiency by automating processes, integrating production functionality, and utilizing Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 
  • Provides for Good Receipts and Goods Issues, tracking stock transfers, tracking consignment stock, and processing of drop-ship and other orders types 
  • Efficiently generate reports with data that is up-to-the-minute based on perpetual inventory and present in various formats and dashboards 

Increase Profitability and Customer Service

  • Create lists of substitute or alternative inventory items to improve sell through 
  • Manage the order fulfillment process with the Pick and Pack Manager with custom prioritizations
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention with on-time deliveries and fewer shortages and stock-outs
  • Maintain multiple alternate vendors for each inventory product carried
  • Define various price lists and link the lists to customers or vendor, define special prices for individual customers or suppliers or peg quantity specific prices base on order volume