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Kitting & Assembly


Start: Get what you need now.  Grow: Add more later.

Start & Grow, leveraging SAP Business One, is a complete solution that you can start using to manage your business from day one. As your business grows, you can easily customize and expand the capabilities of SAP Business One to respond to your changing needs.


Kitting & Assembly

Companies come to SAPDistribution.com because they want or need more than basic distribution functionality to grow their business. The Kitting and Assembly Package is designed for companies that need to perform assembly activities for kitting, light manufacturing, or white labeling of products.

This service package includes coaching and advice on how to configure:

  • Bills of material that define components for assembly or disassembly
  • Production orders that tell your team what they need to perform
  • Multiple units of measure per item

For a low fixed fee, your team receives the additional coaching and configuration guidance necessary to add this easy-to-use functionality. These functions can be performed by adding the assembly stock or in conjunction with a specific customer order.  The automated Wizard can create the Production order directly from the sales order automatically when the order is saved.

This six step wizard provdes functionality for batch processing of production orders and/or creation of purchase orders for drop shipped parts or components.   You can either produce or purchase orders individually or consolidate orders in a variety of manners.   With control over error handling this tool eliminates manual processes and increases efficiency and accuracy.   At the end of the process, the orders are all linked to the original customer order so you can see the entire trail of operations in the SAP Relationship Map.